Arena Pantanal Stadium With 43500 Seating Capacity For 2014 World Cup

Arena Pantanal Stadium

Arena Pantanal Stadium in Cuiabá, Brazil

Arena Multiuso Governador José Fragelli is the full and official name of Arena Pantanal stadium. Arena Multiuso Governador José Fragelli is located in Cuiaba, Brazil.

The construction of Arena Multiuso Governador José Fragelli begun in May 2010 and was planned to be completed before the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament.

Since the environment which the stadium is built is flora and fauna rich area, Arena Pantanal has been built with great sustainability in mind.

Since its start, the materials that have been used especially wood have been coming from sources that are certified and all the wastes at the site have been recycled and used within the stadium.

The quality of the soil and air around the stadium is under a constant monitoring system which has led to it being nicknamed O Verdao which means ” The big Green” Arena Pantanal is a very new stadium which has been built to help in the hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches.

However, the stadium under construction will be a multipurpose type of stadium  with structures that are adaptable hence it won’t just be used for football events alone but also events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, shows among others.

To its completion, Arena Pantanal will cost a total of $210 million and will have a 43500 seating capacity for its spectators. Arena Pantanal will also act as a home stadium for Cuiaba and Mixto local clubs.

Arena Multiuso Governador José Fragelli is part of the 12 city stadiums that will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup which starts on 12th June to 13th July this coming summer.

Arena Multiuso Governador José Fragelli will host the following matches in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Chile vs. Australia scheduled on 13th June, Russia vs. South Korea which is scheduled on 17th June, Nigeria vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina to be played on 21st June and lastly a clash between Japan and Colombia on the 24th June.

All the four 2014 FIFA World Cup matches that will be played at this stadium are group games.

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