Arena Pantanal Hosts The Second Test Match

Arena Pantanal Stadium For FIFA 2nd Test Match

Arena Pantanal Stadium in Cuiaba (During the construction); Photo By: Copagov

The Local Organizing Committee, LOC, for the 2014 FIFA World Cup last Saturday were on a test programme at the Arena Pantanal located in Cuiaba.

The match that was played here was between Luverdense and Vasco da Gama with the local side emerging with a 2-1 victory. Reinaldo is the player who made the first score at this brand stadium.

The stadium has hosted a clash between Santos and Mixto on April 2nd but finished in a 0-0 barren draw.

A total of 17808 spectators were present in the stadium hence enabling the LOC to validate transport, cleaning and waste management, spectator services, catering, volunteers, security, technology and even competition safety operations.

Tiago Paes who is the operation manager of 2014 Brazil LOC stadium said that he got satisfaction with the operation tests that were carried out at the stadium. He also said that there is need to improve since not everything worked out perfectly.

He said however that the improvements will come in step by step as this is the second test match the stadium is hosting. He was also happy with the way spectators came in and also left as they used minimum time possible.

Paes says that this is a plus to their side and sure that the fans enjoyed the Saturday match. Mato Groso’s Special FIFA World Cup Secretariat head of state Mauricio Guimarães said that in deed much has to be done in the stadium before the summer tournament kicks off.

He added that a lot of progress has been noted since the match between Santos and Mixto was hosted at the stadium. He said that the installation of seats has to be completed and will be focusing on this in the a few coming days.

The next test event by LOC will be on 3rd May when America RN will face ABC in the second division of Brazil.

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