Arena das Dunas Has Passed The Third Test For Hosting The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Arena das Dunas Passed The Third Test For World Cup

Arena das Dunas Passed The Third Test For Hosting The Matches Of 2014 FIFA World Cup; Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

On Saturday last week, The Arena das Dunas current out the third test event for the 2014 FIFA World Cup where a much between ABC and America-RN was played. ABC recorded a 2-0 defeat against their opponents during the Classico do Rio Grande do Norte.

The Local Organizing Committee who were carrying out the test said that the Arena de Dunas is now ready to host the matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will kick off as from 12th June.

A total of 10 operational tests were carried out making the stadium one with more test events carried out this year.

The operational test included transport, cleaning and waste management, volunteers, spectator services, catering, media operations, competitions, technology, safety and security services and medical services.

A total of 10000 spectators attended the match and had an opportunity to see the aspects that expected to be rolled out during the 2014 FIFA World Cup by the organizing body. This included queues at turnstiles and even services that will be offered by volunteers.

The medical team of LOC also were never left out as they had an opportunity to showcase what they will be doing when it comes to attending to players.

Tiago Paes who is the Operations manager at 2014 Brazil LOC stadium said that the test operations were run smoothly thanks to the fact that the stadium has been in use since January this year.

He added that a total of 19 events that took place in Natal has been of help in running the test operations. He adds that he was happy the football fans were able to see what operations will be implemented in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The Executive Secretary of FIFA World Cup Affairs in Rio Grande do Norte Demetrio Torres said that he was totally satisfied with the test event results. The next test event will be carried out on May 10th at Beira Rio stadium located in Porto Alegre.

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