Alex Ellis Cautions The England Supporters On The Riots In Brazil

England Football Supporters

Football Supporters Of England; Photo By: Garry Knight

After the protests that were conducted against the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil, the England fans have now been caution on their security and safety at large.

With less than four weeks to the start of the summer tournaments, masses of people went to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo streets protesting on the cost that has been involved as far a staging the 2014 FIFA World Cup is concerned.

The protestors said that lots of money that the tournament will spent has not even jetted into solving the problems of housing and other social projects. The riot police were given the mandate to disperse the crowds that had thousands of participants.

The British Ambassador to Brazil Alex Ellis informed the supporters that they have to be very careful especially when they find themselves within the protests.

Alex said that it is not known to anyone the time and date the other protests are scheduled to take place or even how many times the protests will have to occur. He adds that a lot of calmness should be taken when caught in such like situation but advice one to always find his or her way out when confronted.

Alex Ellis says that the protests are always subjected to rapid changes hence people should be careful about them. He further said that the supporters should always follow the Brazilians who maybe around them and ask where you are going so that you can be able to be informed of what the people from this country do.

Above all, he insists that one should always find his way to step out. The England Fans Forum members Simon Harris said that one of the very difficult activity is the street protests.

He advises the England fans travelling to Brazil to be careful so as not to be caught in such like mistake. There have been many protests in Brazil as the countdown to the 12th June draws closer.

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