21 Players Already In The Brazilian Squad, Says Brazil Coach Felipe Scolari

Luiz Felipe Scolari

Brazilian Football Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari; Photo By: Ministério da Defesa

We today have very few days remaining to have the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil. Brazil is also part of the 32 teams that will be participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

For years now, this country has been known for its football culture and performance. The country has for many years produced best international players and also won a total of 5 World Cup titles.

It is with these reasons that Brazil is expected to perform extremely well more so they will be enjoying the home advantage. June 3rd is the deadline to which each of the 32 teams are required to submit the list of their 23 man squad through their managers.

Luiz Felipe Scolari who is the coach of Brazil said that currently he has a 21 man list thus 2 spaces are yet to be filled as far as the 2014 FIFA World Cup squad is concerned.

Some of the player that are rumored to be in the list include Barcelona’s Neymar, Chelsea quartets Ramirez, David Luiz, Oscar and William.

Scolari is expected to name the squad that will be playing in a tournament scheduled to be held on May 7th thus still has some time to make the final assessment of the players that will represent Brazil.

When talking to TV Globo, he said that they are watching and scouring. He also said that the selected players are irreplaceable.

Brazil is in the group A with Cameroon, Mexico and Croatia and will ply Croatia on Thursday June 12th during the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Scolari believes that they already have a cup and say this with a lot of confidence.

He adds that they team has all the conditions required for them to be champions in all the aspects.

He also says that they enjoy the home advantage which gives a feel of having an extra player. He said that he can’t talk about second place since nobody always accepts a second place.

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