2014 FIFA World Cup Groups

2014 FIFA World Cup Groups

2014 FIFA World Cup Groups with FIFA World Ranking

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has a total of 32 teams that qualified to take part in this summer’s upcoming tournament that will run for a period of one full month beginning 12th June. All of these teams are ambitious to clinch the 2014 FIFA World Cup title when the tournament comes to an end on the 13th day of July.

The teams are drawn from various parts of the world and had to playing and win qualifying matches a time back in order to participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. These all teams have in turn been divide into 8 equal groups of 4 teams each.

Group A comprises of the hosting national team Brazil then Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon; group B is made up of Spain who are currently topping the FIFA World ranking table, Netherlands, Chile and Australia: group C has Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, the Africa’s finest and Japan; group D with Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy;

Group E has Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras; Argentina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iran and Nigeria belong to group F while Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA in group G. The last group, H, is made up of Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea.

Here is a complete list of groups of 2014 FIFA World Cup. FWR:- FIFA World Ranking


Group A

Brazil (FWR:-7), Croatia (FWR:-20), Mexico (FWR:-19), Cameroon (FWR:-50)


Group B

Spain (FWR:-1), Netherlands (FWR:-15), Chile (FWR:-14), Australia (FWR:-59)


Group C

Colombia (FWR:-4), Greece (FWR:-10), Ivory Coast (FWR:-21), Japan (FWR:-47)


Group D

Uruguay (FWR:-5), Costa Rica (FWR:-34), England (FWR:-11), Italy (FWR:-9)


Group E

Switzerland (FWR:-8), Ecuador (FWR:-28), France (FWR:-16), Honduras (FWR:-32)


Group F

Argentina (FWR:-6), Bosnia and Herzegovina (FWR:-25), Iran (FWR:-37), Nigeria (FWR:-45)


Group G (Group Of Death)

Germany (FWR:-2), Portugal (FWR:-3), Ghana (FWR:-38), USA (FWR:-13)


Group H

Belgium (FWR:-12), Algeria (FWR:-25), Russia (FWR:-18), Korea Republic (FWR:-56)

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